Download the RotaFota Software

Click the button on this page to download the installer for the RotaFota software.

           Download RotaFota for Windows Version 1.041
Size: 3.25Mb

If you have any difficulty downloading the executable installer (for example, if your security settings do not permit it) try downloading the zipped version by clicking this button Download zipped installer

You are welcome to download, install and run the RotaFota software. If you like what it does and you want to save RotaFota images then you'll need to buy a RotaFota License.

Minimum PC Specification for using the RotaFota software:

Operating System:Windows™ XP, Windows™ Vista or Windows™ 7
Memory:256Mb for XP, 512Mb for Vista or 7
Hard drive space:Approximately 10Mb free
Networking:A connection to the Internet